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What is soil aeration and why should I do it?

Core aeration is the removal of quarter sized plugs of soil that reach 2-3 inches deep (4inches apart). This allows 50% more air, water, and nutrients to reach deep down to the root zone of the grass. The plugs extracted are used for top dressing so that no part of your lawn is wasted. Hard compacted soil and thatch take away your lawn’s breath. They also keep water and fertilizer away for the roots. Loosening the compacted soil stimulates root growth.

What are grubworms?

Discovering grubworm damage is definitely bad news for your lawn. Grubworms are the larvae (worm stage) of beetles, these bugs lay their eggs in your lawn, and the newly hatched worms work their way through the thatch and into the soil. Once they have burrowed into the ground, they can destroy your lawn by devouring its roots system. Why some lawns have grubworms, while others do not, is a mystery. Left untreated they can easily wipe out an entire lawn through the complete destruction of its entire root system.

Fire Ants an Issue?

We offer quarterly  or yearly treatments, please call for details.                                           
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